Top 4 Best ERP Software for construction companies and construction site management

Construction companies need a complete and comprehensive management system to get the most out of the works in which it participates or performs. Within the wide range of existing IT solutions, an ERP for construction companies is the best choice for companies in this sector as it provides a series of very interesting benefits such as cost control, automation of day-to-day tasks, management of all areas of the business and efficient management of all the information generated by the company.

ERP (enterprise resource planning) or enterprise resource planning software are programs that are currently adapted to any size of business. Although years ago they were programs used only by large companies, today there are ERP solutions for all kinds of companies, even for freelancers and SMEs.

What features should a good construction ERP have?

A standard management program or even a standard ERP has functions that help manage a construction company. However, the specific needs of this type of company make it necessary to use a customized solution that has functions and tools focused on the characteristics of the sector.

The main characteristics that an ERP for construction should have are the following:
  • To have the right modules and utilities to be able to manage all areas of the construction company, from financial and accounting management, through the management of workers, to the management of material purchases and logistics and transportation.
  • To have the flexibility and scalability necessary to adapt to the needs of the construction company at all times (for example, to be able to take on new projects without any problem).
  • Incorporate advanced management tools for daily tasks of the construction company (a good built-in billing program or a CRM for the relationship with customers and potential customers, for example).
  • To have a trial version to be able to test the solution before acquiring it (to verify that it really adapts to the needs of the construction company and the type of works it undertakes).
  • Remote access capability from any device to provide the construction company with the mobility demanded by the current market.
  • Possibility of requesting a demo to test the ERP before making the final purchase decision.
  • Work in the cloud under a maximum security environment that guarantees data protection. This system provides great mobility to the company and its employees, allowing access at any time using any device (computer, cell phone or tablet, regardless of the operating system they use).
What are the benefits of the ideal ERP for construction site management?

With an ERP for construction you will be able to manage this type of business in an optimal way, achieving greater profitability and making the company much more productive and competitive.

The main advantages of a professional ERP for construction management are:
  • Make better decisions by having control over all areas of the construction company and manage all the information that is generated centrally (faster and more accurate decisions that allow to take advantage of opportunities and market trends).
  • Reduce costs by automating processes and optimizing available resources.
  • Achieve a significant increase in the degree of customer satisfaction (increasing the quality of the constructions, providing more information, shortening times...).
  • Project a better image of the construction company, related to innovation and professionalism, something that will attract more customers and increase the prestige of the company.
What are the best ERP programs for construction companies?

Selecting a good ERP software for construction companies is not an easy task because there are many options on the market, and not all of them are suitable for any company or ideal for certain works.

Here are five of the best ERP programs that can be purchased today for a construction company.

1. STEL Order

First of all, we would like to highlight STEL Order as one of the best construction ERPs that can be used for companies in the construction industry. It is a construction software for the integrated management of all areas of the company, providing control of even the smallest processes and tasks.

STEL Order combines a modern and scalable construction ERP with a CRM program for contact and customer management and an advanced invoicing software for controlling the construction company's purchases and sales. Its accessibility by computer, tablet or smartphone makes it one of the best alternatives for companies in the construction sector.

The strengths of STEL Order that position it as a solid and professional construction ERP for construction management are:
  • It is the ideal tool for managing all the projects/works in which the construction company is involved.
  • It has functions specially designed to maintain total control over all aspects of a construction project, such as analysis of actual profitability compared to expected profitability, complete traceability of expenses and sales, or access to information on workers who have made purchases or sales, among many others.
  • In each project you can create and link events or tasks from the agenda, as well as attach certain files such as contracts, certificates, manuals, audios, photos, or other files of your interest.
  • One of the modules of this ERP is a CRM with sales management. This tool for improving the relationship with customers and potential customers is ideal for managing all the information generated between the company and the customer, and getting value from it. It has interesting options such as creating and sending quotes, tracking them through statuses, sending with acknowledgement of reading...
  • It incorporates one of the best invoicing programs that can be used in companies in the construction sector, with functions such as inventory control of several warehouses, management of work vehicles, collection and sending of invoices, customized notifications of non-payment, complete registration of suppliers with the purchase price, automation of orders, margins and discounts, among many other options.
  • Possibility to test STEL Order to see its functions and utilities directly and better evaluate if it is the ideal solution for the construction company.
  • Remote access to consult information, place orders and any other function, without having to be present at the company's offices (providing mobility to the construction company).
  • The best technical support to be able to solve any incident and problem with the program in the shortest possible time.
  • Adaptable to any type of construction company, from small renovation companies to large construction companies with multiple work teams and works.
2. Ekon Building

Ekon Building is an ERP designed so that companies in the construction sector can evolve in their management and adapt to current market demands. It is an ideal software for the generation of construction budgets, facilitating the use of new technologies by the company.

Among its many interesting features, we can highlight:
  • Management of budgets and closing of works to manage each of the phases of the sales cycle (from the first contact with the client to the completion of the work itself).
  • Remote access to be able to manage the work and consult information about it from anywhere and at any time.
  • Occupational risk prevention to ensure that the works are always under the safety conditions required by law.
  • Test option before purchasing the software to be able to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Financial options to ensure profitability, optimize costs and continuously monitor the works carried out by the company.
3. Calipso ERP

A management software for construction companies such as Calipso ERP is a tool designed to have greater control over the company and improve its productivity and competitiveness levels.

It includes its own invoicing software (Billing) to be able to manage the company's collections and payments and thus have a good organization that guarantees the company's profitability and liquidity.

It is a software that adapts to the needs of construction companies, but it is also optimal for other types of companies such as livestock, farming, tourism, or even services and telecommunications.

Among the most outstanding functions of Calipso ERP we can name:
  • Traceability of all operations carried out by the construction company (purchase of tools and materials, payment to suppliers, payment to customers, movement of vehicles, inventory of works...).
  • Easy access to the application for the company's employees (simple and intuitive interface).
  • Use of customized metrics to track in real time the evolution of the different works (improves decision making).
  • High level of scalability so that the company can easily take on new works and thus ensure its growth over time.
  • Integration with other third-party software (Google Drive, Microsoft Office or social networks, among others).
4. m4PRO ERP Construction

This ERP software for construction companies defines itself as a high-performance solution to offer maximum performance for construction sites and projects.

With m4PRO ERP Construction, you have an advanced construction management tool that can be tested before making the decision to purchase it. This makes it much easier to evaluate its quality and functionality.

Among the highlights of this construction ERP we have:
  • Optimal management of resources to achieve cost reduction (saving money in the execution of works).
  • Modular administration that allows control of all departments of the construction company, such as logistics, human resources, machinery, administration and accounting, production, tax aspects, purchases and sales and technical sections of the works.
  • Simple solution that does not require a long implementation time, adapting to other solutions already used by the company (such as the use of Excel sheets, for example).
  • Technical support so that construction workers can quickly and easily learn how to use the solution.
  • Possibility of use on demand or in the cloud (to work on local servers or in the cloud, depending on the needs of the company).

5. Cloud Management

Those looking for a simple and specific ERP for construction, works and reforms, will find an interesting solution in Cloud Gestión. It is a modular ERP that has the necessary functions to meet the management needs of a construction company, for example:
  • Sales management, with functions such as generation of budgets and invoices, project tracking, bank reconciliation and remittances, generation of receipts....
  • Management of purchases to be able to have the maximum control of the construction materials and other expenses of this type of companies.
  • Management of workers with special functions for work reports, hiring, control of working hours, access to information for workers (payroll and contracts), and many other utilities related to HR.
  • Accounting and financial management to ensure business profitability and comply with tax and fiscal obligations.

How to choose the best ERP for construction companies and construction sites in general?

There are many options on the market when it comes to selecting the best ERP for construction companies. Among the options we have discussed, you can select the one that best suits the needs of your company and thus enjoy all the advantages offered by this type of solutions.

Testing each ERP for construction management before making the decision to implement it is the best alternative because this way you will be able to evaluate in a real way if it is the right one, or if on the contrary, it has shortcomings that do not quite fit in your company.