14 Best CRMs for Real Estate Businesses to Improve Productivity

Nowadays, people are looking for methods to invest money in order to save money, and real estate has always been one of their top picks. The result has been one of the biggest booms in real estate history. Fortunately, real estate agents no longer travel alone. They have excellent real estate CRM software at their disposal.   

When choosing one, there are several things to consider CRM for your business. These include the features your business needs, the cost, and whether all the features are there. Online database management is a feature of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that allows for database maintenance.

CRM has the advantage of allowing you to manage your contacts and save time by automating updates. With so many options available on the market, you need to take the time to research and evaluate leading systems. This will help you decide which ones are best for each area of work.   

A real estate agent must manage the multiple activities that are essential for selling, buying and renting properties. All of this must be done while keeping an eye on finances. In addition to these basic duties, it is critical to create leads and address the unique needs of each client.

A CRM for real estate is designed to keep your real estate business running smoothly and let you generate more leads quickly. The best CRM allows agents to communicate more effectively and efficiently with clients.   

This article will cover the top CRM for real estate agents that can increase their production and sales while giving the industry excellent visibility. Let's start now, and we'll also emphasize the value of CRM in real estate.   

The 14 best CRM for real estate agents to increase productivity and sales.

Every real estate company has different requirements and practical methods, so every organization needs a different CRM for real estate. Although there are many CRM options on the market, the most important thing is to choose one that fits your exact real estate needs.

Let's now take a look at some of the best CRM products on the market.   

1) Salesforce sales cloud

Large real estate brokerage companies should manage all parts of their real estate business with Salesforce sales cloud, the leading CRM in the industry.

Key benefits of The key benefits of Salesforce is that it offers a lot of customization and flexibility options. This allows businesses to customize the platform to suit their needs. 

To track prospects and offer relevant lead generation messaging, real estate agents can share consumer information across a variety of channels. With faster lead management capabilities, cloud-based systems offer practical solutions for residential and commercial real estate. 

Pricing: Salesforce has fairly complex pricing, though the entry-level option. Salesforce Sales Essential, which is aimed at small businesses, costs $25 per month per user. However, depending on your company's needs, the cost can increase significantly.   

2) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales 

Today's real estate portals help and enable users to search, buy, sell and manage properties online. It combines an enhanced customer experience with a service automation platform. Therefore, it is necessary to use the appropriate tools.

These tools provide sufficient business visibility to transform the company into a more customer-centric business.

With better data protection Sales from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Automate sales, marketing, customer service, and project services to help businesses operate more efficiently.   

This provides real estate agents with a variety of advanced features. These include sales guides, customized sales listing development (based on customer data and web searches), predictive analytics and more.   

Pricing: Professional Edition: $65 per month per user, Business Edition: $95 per user per month, and Sales Insights - $50 per person per month.

3) Pipedrive 

For small and medium sized sales teams, Pipedrive serves as both a CRM and a sales pipeline management tool. It is specifically designed to simplify the use of CRM for the user.

To keep track of quotes during the sales process, it provides a customized view of the sales pipeline.

Additionally, Pipedrive includes a mobile app and connects to popular third-party apps such as Slack, Asana and Trello. 

It is an excellent option for small businesses or brokers who need a straightforward processing CRM solution. It is reasonably priced and has all the necessary features. It will make your team more united and get more clarity. Your emails, calls, and progress are all recorded automatically.

The Pipedrive platform gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best. It keeps your actions on point, not off target, and your goals realistic, not idealistic. This is because the pipeline is a starting point. 

Pricing: Pipedrive's plans range from $15 to $99 per month. It starts at $12.50 per month per user. 

4) HubSpot   

HubSpot is considered the best CRM software for real estate as it can expand your business. It increases the effectiveness of your sales while simplifying the process of apartment planning.

Its marketing automation features are its biggest advantage. It also offers a full range of software solutions for sales, customer support and operations.   

Selling more effectively and faster is very practical. HubSpot simplifies task automation. It offers a custom scheduler, links your CRM, and adds live chat to your website.

It includes great features like meeting scheduling, email templates, and contact management. You can link it to the apps your company uses through the App Marketplace.

For real estate agents looking to scale while bringing all of their systems together in one place, this tool is great. 

Pricing: the minimum monthly price is $50. Free, Starter ($45/month), Professional ($450/month) and Enterprise ($1,200) monthly.  

5) Zoho 

Construction and real estate businesses can grow with more productivity, revenue, and efficiency with the help of Zoho CRM. It is a CRM tool for real estate.

This software connects with several popular programs like Outlook, MailChimp, etc.

This helps real estate and construction companies to build stronger customer interactions. No matter where the customers are, it has a wide reach to get in touch with them. 

With live chat software, email and social media, it provides real-time presence. This helps you see and understand whenever a lead or customer interacts with your business.

The ability to automate procedures, manage contacts, and manage deals from stage to stage are other benefits. Workflow automation, contact management and stage to stage transaction management are some of its productive features. 

Pricing: standard users pay $14 per month; professional users pay $23; enterprise users pay $40; and business users pay $52 per month (Ultimate). 

6) Freshsales 

Freshsales is a cloud-based software that allows users to investigate deals from start to finish and monitor customer behavior.

Freshworks offers a CRM application for real estate professionals. It offers an integrated user interface (UI) with several useful features.

Developers and real estate agents can complete tasks with the least amount of work. It also includes intelligent workflow automation.

This provides all the features required to support automated workflows for management and sales teams at various stages of a project. 

Pricing: Starts at $18 per user per month.

7) LionDesk   

LionDesk Only CRM that prioritizes relationship development, lead generation and lead nurturing while converting prospects into loyal customers. It is an integrated platform for CRM for real estate professionals.

It is among the most user-friendly and cost-effective CRMs for sellers and small business owners. 

For real estate professionals, this CRM provides a platform that can be easily searched. It allows you to easily manage your clients by tracking calls, emails, and messages.

It also offers workflow automation and bulk email functionality. Your teams will find this extremely handy and helpful when working on process-oriented activities.   

Pricing: starts from $25.00/month. 

8) RealtyJuggler. 

A real estate CRM called RealtyJuggler emphasizes structure and clarity. This CRM generates a daily to-do list for agents based on CRM data and is easy to use.

The platform has transaction management tools that allow you to track deals, view feedback, close deals, and more.

You can use this application to manage all aspects of rental properties, keep track of commissions, and schedule tasks.

It is the best solution for managing contacts, follow-ups, contact import, database sharing, bulk emails and automated reminders. 

Pricing: $179/year 

9) Top Producer  

Top Producer is a widely used CRM for a real estate-based platform that provides a centralized location for your entire sales pipeline.

It allows you to manage incoming inquiries, nurture leads, sync contact information, and create email marketing campaigns. Key features include a contact database, task management and a document library.

The platform is designed to help you manage your entire business. To track leads and customers, schedule appointments, manage transactions and more.   

Pricing: starts at $45/month/user, $75/user/month - Professional and $85/user/month - Advanced. 

10) Contactless. 

Lead qualification is simplified through Contactually, a CRM designed specifically for real estate agents. At any point in the funnel, it automatically creates customized marketing for leads.

In addition, this CRM offers workflow automation software and a drag-and-drop pipeline management tool.

Through integration with Office 365 and Google Workspace, you can also sync your email and communication logs with the app. There are even options available in the app that allow you to contact past clients.  

Pricing: From $69 per user per month. 

11) Property base

A real estate CRM based on the Salesforce platform. You can manage leads and contacts, purchase reporting tools, and manage listings Property Base. Workflow and automation tools are also included.

Pricing: Plan varies in two areas, starter plan - $79/user/month AND professional plan - $149/user/month.

12) Market Leader

CRM system integrated into a website that is tailored to real estate. Aims to track activity and capture new leads. Listings on 100 websites dedicated to a single property. Configure recommended listings. Launch multi-channel marketing campaigns and receive campaign activity reports.

Pricing: the plan costs $416 per month.

13) Wise Agent.

A full-stack real estate CRM is called Intelligent Agent. There are numerous real estate features. They consist of contact management, intelligent marketing automation, lead generation, landing page creators, commission trackers, and transaction management.

Pricing: The plan price per month is $29.

14) Streak for real estate

There's a Gmail-integrated CRM for real estate called Streak. This indicates that it is accessible from your desktop or mobile Gmail inbox. In addition, it has all the G Suite integrations. Streak is designed to provide a natural extension of your current workflow.

Pricing: The monthly cost for the Solo plan is $15, billed annually. The Pro plan is $49 per user/per month with annual payment.