The best remedy for homesickness in the foreign year!

Almost every student who spends a long time abroad knows the feeling of homesickness : like the excitement, the joy and the many experiences, it just belongs to a year abroad or a student exchange . After the initial euphoria has subsided and it becomes normal for you to live abroad with a new family and attend another school, homesickness can occur. But even if you do not know exactly how to handle it - that's nothing bad at all.

Since everyone reacts differently, it makes sense to try different things to combat homesickness. We have put together five tips that help you forget about homesickness, because - a year abroad is worthwhile!

Homesickness year abroad Tip 1: Find a hobby

Probably the most effective remedy for homesickness is distraction - and the easiest way to find it in a hobby. That can be anything you enjoy. The most recommendable is sports, because while pouring in your body happiness hormones that fight your sad mood and make you happy. Of course, in addition to sports, any other hobby is welcome in which you come among people and meet the locals and your new classmates. For example, at high school, you can play music with others, social or political involvement, literary or cinematic themed evenings, and much more. If you are a member of a group, you automatically establish contacts and have a fixed task to pursue.

Homesickness year abroad Tip 2: Do something

Especially at the weekends and in your spare time you should not let boredom arise. Your homesickness can best be overcome with the help of friends. Meet people from your school or sports club and do something with them. In the US , a typical pastime is a trip to the mall. There you can go shopping, watch movies or have a nice meal. This pastime does not leave any thoughts of home and your homesickness will burst like a bubble. In the UK, you could go on a sightseeing tour with your friends and show them locations that only real insiders know. You will get to know your host country better and will soon feel at home.

Homesickness year abroad Tip 3: Spend time with your host family

Trust your host family! Especially families who have experiences with exchange students know how you feel and they will help you to distract you. After all, the family also wants you to feel good. When you talk to them about your worries, you also feel a little bit more than part of the family. When time goes by, you will find that you can talk to your host family about everything and become a second family for you.

Homesickness year abroad Tip 4: Find a home piece

When you are away from home, you often miss small things like certain food or German television. Just let you send German products to your second home. Then, for example, you can organize a cooking evening with your host family or with your friends. You prepare a typical German meal and make all a pleasure with it. Of course there is also the possibility to watch German films or series. Audiobooks are also a great way to sniff a little home air and hear your familiar language. You'll soon realize that it's good to hear German voices. But be careful that you do not restrict yourself to things from your home country. This could lead to the opposite effect and increase your homesickness!
Homesickness year abroad tip 5: Concentrate on the positive!

If you're thinking about what your family is doing right now and you see on Instagram what your friends are doing without you, then you get a weird feeling in your stomach and you want to be with them? In these moments, you should always remember: At home, you will not miss anything! Your time abroad is very special and when you get home, everything will be just as it was when you went abroad and you'd never been away - with the little difference that YOU have a lot of great experiences and experiences that your family and friends will surely envy you for. If you realize that, your homesickness will quickly dissipate and you can enjoy your time to the fullest.