Packing list Year abroad: You have to pack everything!

If the departure for the year abroad is imminent and the last days and weeks in the home break, then on the one hand, of course, increases the excitement and anticipation - on the other hand, there are still some things that still needs to be organized.

For example, the rather unpopular suitcase would be packed . And once you've started, you're bound to ask yourself: What am I going to take with me? On the one hand, you do not want to buy everything new, on the other hand, the suitcase must remain as light as possible to avoid the cost of excess baggage. In addition, there should still be a bit of space in the suitcase to stow your purchases on the return flight.

If you are in this situation too, just keep reading because we have put together an ultimate year abroad packing list for you. As a result, your time abroad will be guaranteed and you will even have some extra space for important souvenirs!
Pro-Tip for the International Year Packing List: Pack early

It's best to start at least a few months before it starts. I know that sounds absurd at first, but you'll soon find that you may not find everything in your closet you need, and therefore need to make some new purchases.

And it can be financially better and cheaper to do it at home than to run away in your new city and fall into the shopping craze (because there you will eventually use your budget for great excursions and activities).

Starting early with planning and packing will also save you from panic buying such as the winter jacket for Tokyo that you do not like after all, or the bikinis you got quickly on the way to the airport because it's going to Miami, and the then not fit. If you take care of such things in peace, in the end, everything is right.
International Year Packing List Tip: Little helpers

Even before we can finally start packing, we have a great tip for you: Make order in your suitcase to keep a better overview.

Different colored bags weigh almost nothing and help you to organize your suitcase. For example, you can pack a t-shirt bag, a trouser bag, and a underwear bag. Everything is organized and nothing is lost in your big suitcase.

Even vacuum bags can be very handy when packing. So you save a lot of space between your clothes, because the air is pulled out.
International Year Packing List Essentials: Passport, Visa, Money & Co.

These things must also be in your hand luggage. Passport and visa are required upon arrival; and the proof of your health insurance , you should always carry with you.

Credit cards, bank details or online banking PINs must always be with you on a journey, as this is the safest.

From your most important documents, you should make additional copies and take them separately or upload them online - in case you lose the original.
To pack the right clothes for your year abroad

How many jeans do I take with me and do I even need a jumper? It does not do any good to take along all the things you normally wear at home, when your destination is over 30 degrees year-round, or buried under half a meter of snow for months on end.

Inform in advance what to expect at your destination for a climate and pack accordingly.

It is important that you only take things with you for one to two weeks - even if that sounds strange at the beginning. You will certainly get the opportunity to go shopping and expand your wardrobe. And who wants to give up shopping in New York because the suitcase is already overflowing?

There are several good pairs of shoes to choose from, including a comfortable pair of sports shoes, for exploring your new city on foot, as well as exploring the surrounding area or day trips.

Also, when choosing a dress, be sure to adapt to the culture of your host country. In some countries, you should not wear revealing clothes, such as tops or short skirts, especially in school.
Do not forget cosmetics and toiletries!

With the hygiene articles, we advise you to take only the most important for the first few days of your stay abroad and then stock up on it locally.

Especially shower gel and shampoo are heavy and take away a lot of space - you can then buy in large format after the first few days of your stay abroad.

If you have cosmetics in your carry-on luggage, always remember that the individual packages do not exceed 100 ml and you transport them all together in a plastic bag.
This must not be missing on your packing list: First Aid Kit!

If you need special medicines, take them with you in your hand luggage. This way, you always have them handy, even in the unlikely event that your luggage arrives late at the destination.

Try to take prescription drugs from home, as it can sometimes be difficult to get an equivalent drug or drug abroad. In addition, these are often more expensive abroad than in Germany.

But even with the first aid kit applies: less is more. Much, such as mosquito spray, may be cheaper and more appropriate in your host country to escape the bloodsuckers. So you can avoid unnecessary weight.
Foreign year packing list: camera, music, laptop

A camera belongs in every baggage, because you will certainly take many photos during your stay abroad and use your free time for traveling. You are sure to want to capture those beautiful moments.

If you have a decent camera, take it with you, otherwise recommend a (new?) Phone with the best camera you can afford. You will spend half a year or a whole year in a new place, gather countless memories and make new friends, so it is important that you are able to capture all this photographically.

Even music for the flight and quiet moments, your cell phone and the laptop should not be missing and should be transported in the safest way (in hand luggage).
Also important for your packing list: adapter and travel plug

So that you can also charge your devices abroad, you should inform yourself, if you need an adapter for your travel destination.

It makes sense to buy the adapter already in Germany, as the adapters and travel plugs are designed for your German plug. If you travel to several countries, then an adapter suitable for worldwide use is also suitable, so that you do not have to buy your own for each host country.
Year abroad Packing list: towels and bed linen

If you are planning a longer year abroad, such as a student exchange , then a little bit of home can always do a good job (especially to help with homesickness !).

The cozy pillow from home or the familiar duvet cover can thus quickly cause miracles. Often, however, you may need to bring your own towels and sheets.

It's best to inform yourself beforehand what you really need to take with you, because these things take up a lot of space in the suitcase.
If there is still room in the suitcase: Other for your packing list

This includes everything that does not necessarily have to, but what your heart depends on: Family photos, stuffed animals, farewell gifts of your loved ones - so if homesickness should arise, these little things help you quickly over it. In addition, you always have your loved ones with you. Very important: You should definitely have room for a present for your host family.
How do you pack the best?

You should not just randomly stack everything in your suitcase, which comes to mind, because when it comes to a whole year, you easily forget things that you do not need every day, but will miss painfully when you do not have them.

Make a list or keep a compartment in the closet free, where everything comes, what you want to take with you. Whenever you think of something, it moves to the list or stack.

When you finally get ready to actually pack the suitcase, you spread out everything on your bed and sort by categories. This helps you to see what is already complete and where something is missing: Do you have enough pairs of socks? Do you really need 19 different T-shirts?

In this phase, you should think carefully about what you will really and often wear, and sort out what you do not actually need or otherwise bear otherwise. A basic wardrobe and your favorite items must be with you, the rest is optional.

Which luggage is suitable for a year abroad?

Hard-shell cases are best for a longer journey. They're easier to carry / roll, even when they're packed and heavy, and everything stays safe in it.

Hand baggage is far too small, and even the largest backpack is not really enough to start a new life in a foreign country.

Do not forget to keep all valuables in your hand luggage and your toiletries in a waterproof bag in your suitcase. After all, you do not want to experience a nasty surprise with spilled shampoo.

And even if you can buy toiletries anywhere, bringing a shower gel with your favorite fragrance is not a bad idea, so you do not have to miss what you're used to in the beginning.

Important documents such as your passport and the flight tickets, bank cards and cash should be kept in a separate folder (preferably also watertight) in your hand luggage in an easily accessible compartment.

This includes the charging cable for your phone, which you will need shortly after arrival.

And here's a profit tip : The purchase of "pack cubes" can be quite worthwhile. These are square boxes made of cloth, with the help of which you can divide the suitcase and sort your clothes into different areas. That makes things much clearer.