Snow fall between the summer in New Zealandd

Tourists in a resort in New Zealand were astounded when the white skies cleared of snow in the middle of the summer.

According to Stuff, snow began to fall at the Cardrona Alpine Resort, near the town of Wanaka on March 1. Initially, the amount of snow was quite little, but had fallen more than in the night. To light 22/1, snow continued to fall, makes this resort sank under 30 cm thick.

Matt McIvor, Marketing Coordinator of Cardrona Alpine Resort, said he had never seen this phenomenon happen in January in five years of working at the resort.

The road into the resort gets snow, causing many vehicles do not move. Photo: Ewan Mackie.

Some visitors who Vietnam and China also proved very surprised and excited to see snow fall 
between the summer so. "People feel like living in the winter", Matt McIvor said.

Cardrona Alpine resort is open and attract visitors by summer activities, including mountain biking, walking. However, the unusual snowfall has put an end to these activities.

Snow also fell in the Remarkables ski area-thick, nearly an hour from the Centre of Queenstown.Currently the snow has stopped falling and the temperatures are also gradually increasing. Snow phenomenon between the summer are also found in this area in the summer of 2014.

Cameron Coutts (Metservice weather forecast Agency) said the thick snow in New Zealand at this time was "quite extraordinary". In the coming weeks, the snow can still fall slightly in some places, the weather will also cause some warmer regions would like is spring.

New Zealand's climate is quite different than many parts of the world. The winter season starts from May 6-8, spring from September 11. May 1 is the time period between the summer in New Zeland with average temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius.