Annapurna Base Camp - the most beautiful stretch of road climbing world

Each landmark me to always give me the unique emotions, but emotions difficult to express in words is special journey to Annapurna Base Camp (Nepal).

I very rarely climbing capital, especially in recent years. But on a special day, a brother asked me to go trekking in Nepal between May 10. Oh, Nepal U! Referring to Nepal, I think of the majestic snowy mountains, the highest mountain in the world full of temptations has attracted thousands of people, many who had left her body and also many who had conquered glory . I hit the road without hesitation.

After selecting the table to recalculate appropriate provision should climb in Everest Base Camp as well as, Annapurrna Circuit, Lapass Thorong Pass, Annapurrna Base Camp ... I chose Annapurna Base Camp - one of the world's best supply, go through the colorful village and has the most spectacular base camp in Nepal. We chose to go self-sufficient, not through the tour and not hire porter.

Trip feelings conquered Base Camp Annapurrna can not say in words. 

Many people still think when climbing or compulsory registration in Nepal tour, but I could go through the self-sufficiency without public tours.

For the tour:

- I'm looking for information, the Annapurna Base Camp tour to provide cost at least 600 USD for 8-10 days, in addition to the long tour (12 days) as Everest Base Camp is priced at least $ 1,000.

- The tour will do all the climbing procedure for you, pick you up at the airport ... You just come and go without having to do anything.

Annapurrna grandeur of Base Camp. 


Exercise at least a month, such as hiking 5-10km running, hiking, climbing up and down the bridge of continuous daily. The best exercises for the trip was climbing the stairs to carry the backpack weighs combination. Depending on the exercise, your time allocation accordingly.

When climbing, you will be more or less shocked high status (symptoms AMS). High shock occurs when your body receives less oxygen than normal. In the mountainous region of Nepal, less oxygen and low air pressure that we breathe less oxygen, the body can lead to reactions such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, nosebleeds and fatigue .

Up to 3,500 m elevation above, these symptoms will be more obvious. Whether you exercise many will still see these symptoms.

To avoid these situations, your brain pills before 2 months of nursing. However, when climbing up to 4,000 meters above points, I still suffer terrible headaches. He had brought him to the high anti-shock hard, so I also headaches. The medicine you need to prepare thoroughly before and during the climb.

Furniture is also important to keep warm, to prepare thoroughly.

A long break on the journey of conquest.
Visa procedures

Nepal visa procedure is quite simple. I do direct procedures at the Kathmandu airport, has changed a bit, faster, more modern. You do not need to fill in the registration form before, no need to get the picture cards 3 x 4 or 4 x 6. You fill the air available. Camera directly, only 10 minutes. In addition, you can still register as old procedures, but very long.

Visa fee is $25 for 15 days, 30 days is 40 USD, 90 days is 100 USD, the entry fee $20 several times.

In addition, you can renew up to 150-day visa at the Immigration Office in Kathmandu or Pokhara.Charge for 15 days is 30 USD and additional 2 USD/day for the following day. You need to bring your Passport, renewal fees, pictures and a renewal form to complete the procedure.

Base Camp Annapurrna way to the summit.