Three noodle dishes not to be missed when it came to Saigon

With simple ingredients but have recipes, here are 3 food suggestions for you when to Saigon.

Rice vermicelli with crab

Bún riêu cua is wild, familiar with the customers from North to South. But the bun Rieu cua in Saigon remain characteristic by it is the sum of many parts. 

On the Phan BOI Chau (District 1), close to Ben Thanh market has a tantalising showcased in the style "a Saigon" only with fragrant rice vermicelli burden, smoke ngut shine

To eat will sit on plastic chairs, enjoy the Bowl noodle Rieu cua teeming. White noodles are chan Rieu heats up on, dark yellow crab, wave comparison above. Add a few slices of tomatoes, fresh chillies, lemon slices eaten with lettuce finely chopped aromatic vegetables, the kind that make up the bun Rieu Bowl that's hard to resist. Feeling the cool bar dishes for people to eat. The impression in this dish was the shrimp sauce for the noodle into the Bowl when enjoying. 

Rice vermicelli with bamboo shoots duck

Sweetness, dai, fat of the meat blend the fragrance of ginger, ngò gai, pungent taste of cement permeability gradually on the tongue, the wool down the neck cause no less spellbound noodle dish customers cement duck.

Duck Soup Bowl will not go without tasty taste of Cup Ginger Sauce

Food ingredients are rice vermicelli, dried bamboo shoot and duck meat with other ingredients. After the preliminary and boiled duck will be close to thick pieces, select the lean and moderately soft. Very little fat skin should eat not boring at all. Bun bun is in a leaf fibers to to when chan water from being crushed.

Dot one piece of duck meat in ginger sauce cups along the dry cement pieces inserted into the mouth to chew slowly, you will feel the sweetness of the meat blend of fragrance raw materials.

Water noodles

Originating from Binh Dinh, the dish consists of rice noodles and broth cooked from pork bone plus other ingredients such as shrimp, beef, grilled fish. Characteristic of the dish is to have lots of green onions, so if you don't eat are then requested in advance with the owner.

The shrimp are peeled and finely minced. Beef and grilled fish are also cut the chunks

Located in a small alley on the Bare Bone Design (District 3), her Six water noodle with over 20 years of seniority is one of those you can't miss.

Each time she would do Six customers in nine this material with boiling water.