The city is famous for the tomb of the most haunting part of the United States

Natural disasters, disease just drag to New Orleans caused the cemetery always filled graves.However it became love factor-tourists coming here.

New Orleans is a city in the State of Louisiana, located on the Mississippi River, near the Gulf of Mexico. This place is famous with many ethnic cultural heritage, culinary arts-rich, is the cradle of jazz music and Oriental European architectural imprint in the United States. However, the point to be mentioned for in New Orleans is again filled the cemetery grave with spooky stories to sick people.

The cemetery on the ground in New Orleans

The cemetery in New Orleans is the Tomb built on the ground and surrounded by semicircular cities.Former New Orleans lower sea levels should land do not hold the coffin below. When the tide rises, the coffin and the corpse floating on the water makes this place also known as the "city of the dead".Take advantage of this, open city tram running around 13 for cemetery visitors. Each of the cemetery like a miniature city that has surrounded by iron fences. In addition, New Orleans also applied several ways to restrict the former condition by building marble Tomb, containing hundreds of people dead.However, for security reasons, you should only come to this area during the day and go as a group.

Mentioning the culture of New Orleans is referring to the Voodoo religion culture originating from Africa. The most popular here is Marie Laveau tomb of Voodoo leaders, nun at Saint Louis. Her tomb has many who visit the United States, second only to Elvis Presley. She is regarded as the symbol of evil and magic, came from an African religious mysticism, haunted city residents throughout hundreds of years.

Marie Laveau Tomb

The story tells of Voodoo and Marie Laveau entered New Orleans from the 18th century. Marie Laveau, the daughter of a black slave who, possessing mystical powers and was a Barber for the rich family. She is capable of healing, hypnosis and also cause more fear. When she died, many people have confirmed seeing her soul oan appear around the Tomb. According to legend, if alcohol and tobacco up grave Marie Laveau, the wish will come true. Many others said that if typed up three graves and question, that person will hear her answer. If not then it is not the chosen one.

However, according to the locals, this is only one of the 3 the tomb of Marie Laveau in St. Louis, as an attempt by the deviant art Voodoo tucked away her last resting place in order to avoid other vandalism.

Voodoo doll sold in the souvenir stalls.

After the Super Hurricane Katrina 11 years ago, New Orleans is slowly regaining its vitality. Until now many people still remember the terrible time he, when the House sink in the water bodies floating around the city. However, these memories are gradually cleared by the tranquil picture argue of yachts swept backwards by Mississippi and many cultural events. Does New Orleans welcomes about 9 million tourists each year.