Hoi An-the country of the Festival

Visitors to the old town will soak up the vibrant atmosphere of 100 festivals held regularly with large scale.

Prominent in the supply lines in Central, Hoi An city as a rustic, casual picture and whether day or night. If given the opportunity to come here on day 14 monthly lunar calendar, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the night in the old town.

Hoi An when it was lights out and steeped in red lanterns strung all over the city. You don't just stroll under the Lantern, enjoying unique dishes, play more games, but also can burn and pray along with the floating paper lanterns on the river ...
Recently, the Lantern Festival in Hoi An are the famous travel magazine Wanderlust (uk) voted the impressive Festival in Vietnam, followed by the bronze Font Festival (Communists), the master pagoda Hanoi, Hue, Vu lan Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Wanderlust was also ranked in the top 10 in Hoi An tourist favourite city in the world in 2015. Last year, the results of annual surveys of Conde Nast Traveler (Us magazine) shows, Hoi is the attractive city in Asia, behind only Kyoto (Japan).

Statistics in Conference of the travel in 2015, this local come 34 titles recorded by the tourists.Figures of tourism also showed visitors to Hoi reached more than 2 million, up 22.43 percent over the same period.
In addition to the advantages of nature, geographic preferences, this locality has been recognized "the King" not only thanks to the effect on the full moon. Currently, the most popular is still the full moon day every month, who to Hoi An on occasion may also witness a crowded old town. However, this place got a lot of other interesting festivals take place year round, starting from the time of the lunar new year, due to the particularities of agricultural water-rice civilization.

Hoi An also advocated more organized the Festival to bring more modern colors, such as: the Millennium Eve, culture-sea sports, cultural exchange Vietnam-Japan, Quang Nam heritage itineraries, the night the old town ... The most recent event is the International Food Festival held the first month 1 and silk culture Vietnam-Asia in March.

Every year, more than 100 Festival festivals include the traditional festivals and 80 20 contemporary Festival. This day Festival held regularly with large scale, spread and week-long time, maybe months.This year, Hoi An expected to have up to 32 events are implemented in order to stimulate tourism.Specifically, from now to the end of July, it organized the "Green Sea charm-Hoi 2016" is located in Hội An "impressive chain 2016", with the fitness-sports activities on the beach in the lively An bang Beach and CU Lao Cham island.

With these activities, Hoi An is repositioning the brand travel, not only old but also has sea green.Many real estate projects in the new resort was recently deployed near the seafront, such as project billion New Hoi An City in An bang Beach, where as Pearl pure crude discovery in the new few years.
In addition, the development of the system stay is also new accents in Hoi An at the rate of 41% of the visitors choose to spend the night here. However, this local estimates still are missing the 4,000 rooms per year.

To meet the needs of visitors, there are many services Hoi An homestay (model home in the native), provide many cheap accommodations and close. Song, next time, it will develop the resort hotels, resort with modern services and utilities when demand for travel and people's income increases.