BA NA Hills received ' leading tourist area Vietnam '

This is the second year in a row the famous resort Da Nang's annual award of Vietnam tourism industry only.

Tourism and travel Association, Vietnam has just honored Bana Hills (Sun Group) is the leading tourist area "Vietnam" at "ceremony and awarded the Vietnam tourism 2016" took place last weekend.

This noble titles continue to affirm the credibility, quality of service and the contributions of Bana Hills for the growth of Danang tourism, as well as enriching the tourist products of Vietnam, attracting domestic and international guests.

The last time BA NA, the Hills changing to bring more new and unique experiences for visitors. Many new items have been opened as: French Village bring experience of a miniature Europe on top of Bana. This year, the village of France under the management of the management of the world's top hotels AccorHotels will bring visitors to the service, the 4-star stay. In addition, there is also the city where the medium is a welcome area, where ticket sales, restaurants, souvenir stalls, new parking enhance tourist high season.

BA NA panorama Hills.

Cable systems with 4 world records and other items such as wine, flower garden, indoor play area top 5 Asian Fantasy Park..., BA NA Hills is always innovating to better architecture, beautiful scenery and better service quality. Restaurant system, point of sale is reasonable layout throughout the resort, created conditions for tourists stopping anywhere to enjoy varied cuisine by Chef and Europe for processing such as: restaurant La Lavande, Le Terroir, La Pensee, Brasserie, Caucasus, Caucasus Vista, Morin, food Club. Coming, this resort will put into operation new cable route 2, the entertainment scale BA NA Castle (24,000 m2), hotels m. gadget Galary 5 stars ...

Together these efforts to further improve the facilities, infrastructure, BA NA Hills brings images of a cheerful tourist area with special performing arts take place daily, by artists from Europe performed as Blossom Festival in the spring, the Wine Festival the Festival Summer Street Carnival, cheerleading ... This resort is taking place the week of "a glimpse of France", brings visitors deep sense about the French culture.

The village of France will bring visitors experience a miniature Europe on top of Bana.

In addition, the BA NA Hills also founded the lost property locker for forgotten, enact and implement seriously the process of returning the property to visitors. In the past year, billions of Dong and other personal items like cell phones, iPad missing tourists have returned.

With consecutive titles received in the past year, BA NA Hills still continue improving efforts to bring the different experience and more satisfaction for visitors. The success of BA NA Hills also stated investment strategies and sustainable tourism of the Sun Group not only in Da Nang that throughout Vietnam.