Zverev - hell attractive space

Monopolize space in the artificial islands of the northern Baltic Kronstadt, Zverev pit area was stopped building projects long ago, now it is for the same as a "hell on earth".

Zverev cellar fortifications built in the 1870s by Russian engineer Konstantin Zverev. Today the bunker Zverev almost completely destroyed. The cellar door, plumbing and machine guns were rusty scattered on the ground. However now is the focus stew Zverev attention by its heyday.

Back period of the tunnel is still used, the Russians have used it to store a fuel like Napal basement bomb. But unfortunately in 1970 when a fire has burned the park and has spread into the basement of fuel causing a macabre spectacle can not be controlled.

Fire is a terrifying thing - flame when burning fuels, which can reach up to 2000 degrees Celsius temperatures to the brick wall and the ceiling melted like stalactites in the cave itself Of course.

When the flame faded away, the trench began to cool down as well as prevent tunnel no longer identifiable. The chamber had been razed and deformed into a rugged cave with stalactites red dunes brick, dunes stalactite cave roof and covered it so much that can not be counted out.

Although the photos taken inside the park look extremely scary but it is also a place containing many interesting things that people will gradually discover.