Visit the park Merlion Park Singapore sea lion

Sea lions Merlion Park also known as Merlion Park or a local tourist attraction not to be missed when visitors traveling Singapore. It has put two sea lion statue is a symbol of this beautiful island nation of Singapore.

Sea lions are a symbol Merlion can not not mention the island of Singapore. At first, the Merlion was designed to make icons of the Association to promote tourism in Singapore but even then it is the whole world knows and sees it as a symbol of this country.

Sea lions Merlion at Merlion Park was placed attracted Singapore tourists coming to visit and take pictures.

Sea lions at the park Merlion Park 8.6 meters in height and weighs about 70 tons. Was made of cement fondue, the outer fin is made from porcelain plates, while eyes are made up of 2 small red teacup. In addition, the park was a sea lion Merlion statue smaller Spoken made from these materials but 2m high, weighs about 3 tons and is situated about 28m large lions.

Singapore sea lion statue in the shape of a lion head and fishtail. Initially, when it was put into the Merlion Park, the statue was placed next to the Esplanade Bridge. But until there are more statues under a smaller version, both statues were moved to new locations include 120m.

Sea lions Merlion Park is a popular tourist destination of Singapore. Even, one can say that, not to visit the park, the sea lions as not to Singapore. So if there is going tour of Singapore, you also do not miss the fascinating sights are light.