Visit the beautiful village in the world

Hallstatt village is located in the north of Austria, is one of the attractive destinations most visited tourist countries Austria and also one of the most beautiful village in the world.

Hallstatt, the world's most beautiful villages, located lakeside mountains Hallstaetter surrounded erect four surface extremely poetic. Hallstatt is located lakeside Hallstatter See, in the northern state of Oberösterreich Austria, four surface covered mountains. Village acres as a region isolated from the outside, but it did bring the beauty paradise between dreamlike mountain river, attracting many visitors to tour Austria.

Situated at an altitude of 511 m above sea level. The population of the world's most beautiful village is only about 923 residents. From Hall in Hallstatt village name may be derived from known Gukeerte means salt. Situated at an altitude of 511 m above sea level. The population of about 923 residents Hallstatt. From Hall in Hallstatt village name may be derived from known Gukeerte means salt. Hallstatt means "the salt", this place is also the cradle of the world's oldest salt mine. Salt has led people to come here from more than 7,000 years ago, mining, stay and build a beautiful village exists to this day.

Due to lack of space, the houses in Hallstatt village is built along the hillsides or unsteady on the slopes, or adjacent to the lake. Until today, the village maintains the beauty of medieval charm. Ancient beauty exuding from the house, roofed shops and old-style tiled walls accentuate the city faces. Besides the narrow streets but very clean, the trees spread wide enough for a footpath without obscuring the outdoor lighting equipment.

In summer, Hallstatt is paradise for adventure games such as climbing, hiking, camping, mountain biking ... Meanwhile, winter in the picturesque Hallstatt with festival real, recreation, skiing. Traditional dishes that any visitor should try to come here as well as salmon and fillet of beef, drank wine and served with salad.

Visit this Austrian village, tourists not only admire the romantic scenery of the old village, but also can visit the salt first basket of the world, the Dachstein ski and visit, one of three natural ice caves large and attractive in the world. This unique ice caves is a labyrinth of ice formed naturally includes glaciers and ice chapel.

Also, Beinhaus - bone house (actually a cemetery) is another intriguing destination for many. According to legend, because there is so little construction area so people lined tomb bones, skulls who painted flowers and the family name to put in this house. This cemetery is the archaeologists discovered since 1600, with nearly 5,000 bodies were buried in the Stone Age. This proves Hallstatt village has a long history and continuous development.

With great beauty and cultural value, historical customs fees, Hallstatt has been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage in 1997