Visit the beautiful beach beneath deep pit

"Beach hidden" located on Marieta Islands will make you feel like being in a world of their own.

Not far from the coast of Mexico, located in Banderas Bay is beautiful Marieta Islands. It features a beach "hidden" under the "pits" - the dome caverns created by the explosion in the early twentieth century.

Marieta Islands were formed thousands of years ago by volcanic activity and totally uninhabited. In the 1900s, the Mexican government began military conducted experiments on the island because no one lived there. Multiple bombings and the massive explosion took place on the island, resulting in a great cave to this day.

To get to this secluded paradise, visitors will have to swim through a short tunnel. The stretch of road opened up for you a beautiful beach is separated inside the island.

As protection from any intrusion from outside, "hidden beach" located on Marieta Islands of Mexico will make you feel like being in a world of their own.

Beaches are surrounded by tall cliffs, the center of the island is white sands and whispering waves from a single passage in the island.

Looking from above, like a bird's nest islands are surrounded by soft white sand particles. When viewed from the inside, visitors feel as stone arches were surrounding the beach, creating a feeling extremely excited ...

Marine Environment of "hidden beach" has existed for a long time without being affected by any human impact of natural or external.

Consequently ocean ecosystems here flourished with the diversity and abundance of amphibians, as well as the uniqueness of each species.

The waters are said to own about 103 species of fish and different corals. They live together and swim beneath the clear turquoise waters. If lucky, you even get a chance to see giant whales as they rise to the surface of the sea.

Even on the dive, many people still tell that they hear the cry sounds like a cow when swimming here. More surprises, weird noises that are the "songs" of whales.

We use these islands to natural shelter, avoid predators and ocean currents. By pristine nature and its biodiversity, Marieta Islands have become one of the best destination for followers of the sport diving.

Few people know that, Marieta Islands each is frequented by pirates. The main resource to attract them to the archipelago as goodwill of ... guano. Considered a type of fertilizer is valuable with characteristic odor, guano here has become a commodity to be valued for years.

Resources that come from density and abundance of birds live in the area. Marieta Islands is a nesting area, shelter, reproduction, migration of at least 92 species of aquatic birds, native and migratory different.

It is the home of white terns head of Mexico's largest. Besides Tern Sterna species anaethetus the huge amount seagull Larus atricilla laugh.

Since being explored, this hidden beach has become a destination full of fun and extremely attractive for tourists. But as the name suggests, this beach maintaining the "mystery" of her in a certain way, different from the massive resort and the nearby modern. It will be an ideal getaway for any traveler.

After years of study plus the efforts focused on protecting the islands, the entire area with nearly 1,400 ha area including "hidden beach" bewitching hour has been preserved as a legacy for future generations . If given the opportunity, do not miss the opportunity to visit and enjoy this secret paradise.