The interesting thing about the country Japan

Japan is an island nation arc, sprawled under the east side of the Asian continent, in the east of Korea, Russia and China.

From past to present, Japan has become one of the country's most unique cultures and developing science and technology to attract the attention of the whole world.

These interesting facts demonstrate to the world that Japan deserves as one of the leading countries by cultural tradition and strong economic super power.

1. Japanese name means "the sun's origin" and thus be understood as the "land of the rising sun". Japan also has the fine as "the land of cherry blossoms", because this flower bloom throughout Japan from north to south, or "daisy country" because daisies 16 wings like the Sun is radiating Projector is a symbol of royal emblem and Japan today

Or Japan also called the viscera - a strawberry plant. According to ancient oriental legends have shrubbery called the viscera hollow or not increase, the sun god resting place before riding the train travels across the sky from east to west, so that the viscera literary connotations only where the sunrise.

2. More than 70% of Japan include the mountain, which has 200 volcanoes and more than 6,800 islands.

Geographical position of Japan that this country is one of the countries to natural disasters occur in the world. The two most serious threats as earthquakes and tsunamis. Every year Japan suffered mild 7500 earthquake, Tokyo separately with 150 matches.

3. Japanese cuisine is very rich and special. Including sushi, tea and other items such as cakes made from rice flour.

4. Japan attaches great importance to communication. They often bow by bending down (ojigi) and lower levels of social status depends on both people. This is an important sign of respect.

One other feature is customary to exchange business cards. Each referral or meetings are needed and getting business cards business cards with two hands is a polite gesture. Business cards printed clearly and not be written on it.

5. Japanese traditions are varied, some Japanese men shaved their heads as a form of apology.

Or about how when you set foot in the home of a Japanese person, you need to distinguish when to go when the shoe sandals. At the entrance to a house in Japan, ordinary floor will be raised about 6 inches (15.24 cm) says you are allowed to go in your shoes. If the home has a tatami room, its floor can be raised 1-2 inches (2.54 to 5.08 cm) shows you should remove shoes and slippers outside of the home.

6. The literacy rate in Japan is almost 100%. Education in Japan have very high competition, especially at the University entrance exam, especially the exams of two senior University of Tokyo and Kyoto. The unemployment rate of less than 4% in Japan.

Japan is making a very clear plan for space exploration industry, which plans to build a lunar station by 2030.

8. Japan has devoted 15 Nobel Prize (in chemistry, medicine and physics), 3 Fields Medal and an award-winning Gauss.

9. In the law, the court system in Japan has a high conviction rate is 99%! Japanese prisons operate than average at 117% capacity.