The dish should try to travel to Japan

Travelling Japan should eat what? is disturbed by many travelers before "notebook backpack" on the road to tour Japan as it offers a culinary culture is very diverse and exquisite

Go with Japanese tourists, visitors not only immersed in the wonderful natural landscape colors, ethereal, experience culture unique, but also enjoy the culinary essence of country of cherry blossoms .
1. Nabe - excellent salmon stew of Hokkaido region

Hokkaido is a cold city in northern Japan. And nothing better than to enjoy a hot pot stew Nabe, dispel the cold, icy climates. Salmon are stewed with vegetables in miso sauce fragrant make the travelers to travel to Japan will not be forgotten.

2. Takoyaki - street food favorite Japan

Takoyaki dish "sidewalks" Favorite Japanese. These members round crispy bread, eaten with sauce, there's pieces of chopped octopus, scallion, ginger and mayonnaise that tasted one once had to broth. How do sales people Takoyaki also like a sublimation artist with his artwork. They pour sauce, for workers on half the pie, cover the other half on top and chopsticks upside cake with an amazing speed.

3. regional Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

This dish is also known as "Japanese pizza" with almost identical form: the base round the bottom and the upper part of raw materials. This dish originates from Osaka but "release" the most famous in Hiroshima. Other than the Okonomiyaki Osaka (materials are mixed with dough and then baking), in the region of Hiroshima Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba noodles and cabbage is spread onto the substrate before being transported to bake bread.

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