Discover Yosemite America

Considered a natural gift given to the western United States, Yosemite National Park is worth a place for tourists to visit the once, especially those who like to picnic and explore.

And just when arriving here, visitors can imagine the spectacular, immense and mysterious of this park. Located in California, Yosemite park spread over an area of ​​about 3.000km2 attracts millions of tourists visit each year. The beauty of Yosemite is drawn up from the rugged cliffs, waterfalls rushing down from heaven lumbar, Sequoia forests (spare bulbs) giants have a long lifespan and Merced poetic line when earned.

Location is shooting and promoting the most in Yosemite Park is the mountain "Half Dome" picture half dome rising between blue sky. Famous faces the same legend of a woman printed on a cliff, Half Dome is the ideal destination for travelers and those who love outdoor activities, hiking.

If you hesitate to walk, you can also choose to travel by cable car to conquer the mountain, enjoying a stunning view how the whole valley. Guests would forget about feeling tired legs could not stop exploring mysterious beauty deep inside the national park.

Yosemite has many attractive activities for visitors such as hiking and cycling around the valley; equestrian, la; skiing in winter or soak in cool streams. Guests can also camp overnight to enjoy the feeling of liberation, peace in the quiet between immense mountains, deeply felt than in the wild here.