Discover the beauty of Dubai

Dubai The largest commercial center in the region countries UAE Emirates (UAE). This is considered one of the main gateway to penetrate the business sector the world's richest.

Besides, Dubai is also an attractive place for tourists because of the architecture and modern beauty but still bold tradition. Tour this beautiful country will take visitors to the old town Bastakiya - the focus of the house with a wind tower built by the wealthy Arab traders; visit Dubai museum, which contains artifacts introduced traditional life of the kingdom of Dubai (which artifacts 4,000 years old) and Gold Souk visit - one of the centers of trade in gold, diamonds, precious stones largest world.

Other indispensable destination of the journey is Fair Seafood - Seafood Expo Dubai as. It attracted more than 5,000 visitors from 84 countries around the world to visit and work. This is one of the specialized exhibition largest seafood is held every year in the Middle East, focusing on introducing seafood products, technology, equipment, materials processing, packaging, distribution Seafood

The next journey is Dubai - a renowned center for many world records. Guests will admire the highest skyscraper in the world - Burj Khalifa building 828m high; take photo Palm Jumeirah Palm Island - an artificial island of the world's largest; Desert Safari explore with special sleds; camel rides; enjoy a traditional Belly Dance belly of Arabs.

Dubai has an international business center and a dynamic destination not to be missed by lovers of travel. The color contrast between the modern and traditional has made Dubai a unique nuance and personality