Bondi - Beach attractions of Australia

Located at the busy east coast of Australia, from Sydney, Bondi Beach 7km long been attracting a lot of visitors all over the world to relax, unwind and be considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world 6 gender.

On Bondi Beach, the activities that take place throughout the year, but especially in the summer. You can participate in many activities like swimming between the copper tongue tree and learn to surf on the waves gently in the far north of the beach. Lunch and sightseeing in Campbell Parade or an outdoor dinner simmering on the beach at Hall Road Street. Shopping at the temporary store on the street and find the fair on Sunday to buy products crafts. Observing the seaside activities from walking paths and marvel at the acrobatic kids in Bondi Skate Park. A dip in the Bondi Icebergs ocean pool, or contemplate the swimmers while enjoying a drink at a restaurant above.

Bondi is also home to the surf rescue operation. Club Surfing Bondi Rescue was founded in 1906, is the oldest club in Australia. In the summer, the volunteer surf lifesavers patrol always around the beach to ensure people always swim in a safe area.

On Sunday morning in the summer, you can see the "boy" - the rescue of Australian surfing future apprentices from the very young age. The gentle waters are protected as well as a perfect place to learn to surf with a variety of schools to teach local surf.

This is where the backpacker Santa Claus hat and wearing swimsuits celebrate Christmas holidays. A week later, the revelers welcomed the New Year with fireworks and dance party on the beach with international DJs. In January, the short film festival Flickerfest beginning of the summer movie season in Sydney with screenings in Bondi Pavilion and outdoor screenings in Bondi Beach.

See the complete natural beauty on the way to the cliff-top walk, starting at Icebergs on Bondi's southern tip. Take in the views of the Pacific Ocean along the cliff was eroded through time people enjoy playing sports. In early November, visitors will also admire the many sculptures in the outdoor exhibition.

If you planned to Sydney, you should not miss the opportunity to visit Bondi Beach to enjoy the pristine beauty, tranquility, immersed in the blue water and join the famous festival.